How to control distance with your putter?

By Michel de Jong Vázquez

Mobile Golf Tempo with putter in simple mode
Mobile Golf Tempo with putter in simple mode

Distance control is the most important aspect of putting and separates good putters from bad ones; it comes from a consistent tempo, not the force at which the ball is struck! 


Characteristics of a touring pro putting stroke

  • The swing ratio* is around  2.1:1, promoting a smooth putting motion with an acceleration on the downswing
  • The tempo should remain constant regardless of the backswing length that determines the distance the ball rolls. Consequently, a 12-inch backswing length takes the same amount of time to complete as a two-foot backswing length 

*The "swing ratio" refers to the ratio of the measured time in seconds it takes to make the backswing, to the measured time in seconds it takes to make the downswing until impact.



Before playing a round, you need to calibrate your stroke to the today’s green speed of the golf course. 

Practice your putts with 4 backswing length on uphill, downhill and level lies and count your paces. Four backstroke lengths means four distances expressed in number of paces.

Before making a putt during the round, you only have to count the number of paces between the ball and the hole in order to know the backswing length, but always keeping a constant tempo



Follow this putting instruction video from GolfUniversity along with Mobile golf Tempo App and you will very quickly control your putting distance: 


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    Gina Alexander (Tuesday, 28 March 2017 02:52)

    Golf seems to embrace science more, maybe so people don't throw their clubs in disgust as often.

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    Michel (Saturday, 15 April 2017 16:21)