Review of the Peterson BodyBeat Pulse Solo

A vibrating clip to feel the tempo

What is BodyBeat Pulse Solo?

With the Peterson BodyBeat Pulse Solo vibe clip you can play in sync at almost any tempo without hearing the tones. Just connect it to the audio output of your iPhone or smartphone. The BodyBeat Pulse Solo converts the tones into a clear pulse that you can clip to your belt, or other desired location. Its USB-rechargeable battery offers long-lasting convenience. In situations where you can’t or don’t want to audibly hear your tempo, I recommend the Peterson BodyBeat Pulse Solo metronome accessory if you have some difficulty to feel the vibration of your phone. It works very well!


How to use it with Mobile Golf Tempo Training App?

First of all, if you are using an iPhone, DO NOT FORGET to turn off the mute button!

My iPhone’s volume must be set at very high. 

My Samsung’s volume must be set at high to very high. 

In order to use this vibe clip, in the player’s setting of Mobile Golf Tempo you will have to:

— deactivate all sounds other than tempo tones (swing trigger, backswing, downswing and impact)

— select short tones (pre-shot and normal sequence).


— If you use pre-shot sequences or no human reaction time, a very fast tempo will not be properly converted. 

— Do not forget to turn the BodyBeat ON!



— Depending on your tempo, distinctive differences in intensity will be felt for backswing, downswing and impact.

— Easy to use.

— Two levels of vibration intensity, both stronger than my phones (I use low intensity). 

— Reasonable price.



— Ergonomics could be better. 

— No wall charger, USB only.


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